Video 14 Oct 3 notes

Channel 101 NY is TONIGHT!

Video 13 Oct 830 notes


It’s been two years since I posted a video of myself pulling cocaine out of a heckler’s coat, and I SWEAR I don’t want to be the comedian who only posts heckler videos. But sometimes the NYPD busts in while you’re on stage trying to make a late night submission video, arrests an audience member, then yells at you to, “Shut the fuck up!” And what are you supposed to do, not post it? 

Video 9 Sep 4 notes

Ten new shows tonight at Channel 101 NY!

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What could be better than a collaboration between Ira Glass, Yo La Tengo, and Eugene Mirman? Well, Christmas comes early this July - there’s a whole CD of such glorious comedy and musical collaborations. Don’t be a scrooge  - listen and buy it here.

This album was co-written by 101NY alum Stephen Levinson and this video was directed by 101NY alum Ed Mundy. And the proceeds go to a charity!

via UCB Comedy.
Text 17 Jun 5 notes Making NWAR in 10 easy steps!

by Dan Markowitz (site, twitter, youtube)

1. Dig through notebook with list of potential episode premises, and pick whichever one has the most puns and contrived wordplay already written next to it.


2. Write the episode, and fill it with jokes and callbacks that will be hilarious on a repeat viewing, but will be totally confusing when people see it at Channel 101.

3. Panic and worry that any of these jokes were used first in Police Squad or the Naked Gun or Hot Fuzz.

4. Doodle storyboards and sketches. Figure out any visual jokes.



5. Record audio, and hope that you have a cold or a sore throat so the voice will sound more detectivey.

6. Realize that the audio is over 6 minutes long, cut out a minute, and hope that the story will still make any sense.

7. Find free stock music which hopefully isn’t the same free stock music that anyone else is using.

8. Draw artwork, and vastly underestimate how long it will take to draw artwork.


9. Animate.

(Um, this is a freeze frame of animation. Just trust me.)

10. Congratulations, another mystery solved! Oh wow, you only have a few weeks to finish the next one. Go get started.

Watch NWAR at Channel 101 NY.

Text 12 Jun 2 notes

by Seth Finkelstein

Love was in the air last night at Channel 101! June, consistently voted the second-most romantic month after February, offered up some incredible pilots plus the return of some fan-favorites.  NWAR, Ramsey Has a Time Machine, The Bananaman Show, 24x24, and My Racist Toaster offered up new episodes while Tragic Relief, Classless, Mic Masters, and Hero Warrior Battle Masters of New York City Adventures made their Channel 101 debuts. Plus, a SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT?!

NWAR once again took the top spot in the rankings with its suspenseful send up of cop dramas. Cops killing cops, vigilantes killing vigilantes, and serial killers with a code of honor? Sounds like we got another mystery on our hands that only Detective NWAR can solve/narrate.

A couple of new pilots fought their way into primetime slots. Tragic Relief made us ponder the universe contained within our own horrible one-night stands, while Classless showed us the true lives of teachers at a public school AKA the greatest place on earth™!

Mic Masters was a true crowd favorite, taking place in the hollowed grounds of the Hot Chicks Room open mic. And finally, Ramsey continued his time traveling adventures, this time finally answering the question: Did Coke taste better when it contained cocaine? Also, something about Hitler? Maybe?

Unfortunately, all love affairs must come to an end. Bananaman’s quest for a relationship didn’t land him a primetime slot. Hero Warrior Battle Master of New York City Adventures had to complete their journey early. My Racist Toaster was finally evicted, and 24x24’s ticking clock has permanently stopped. Our bond with these shows may be over, but its time to pick up the pieces, learn some lessons, and try to figure out who gets to keep those plates. You know, the nice ones. We’re taking July off, but Channel 101 will be back this August! Keep making those pilots!

Video 10 Jun 3 notes

Big screening tonight at Channel 101 NY!

Video 13 May 5 notes

New shows at Channel 101 NY tonight!

Video 10 Apr 8 notes


Here’s our failed Channel 101 NY pilot, Lyfe’s Little Mysteries.

Video 10 Apr 28 notes


Happy to announce that The Bananaman Show: Episode 1 (Cheer Up, Bananaman) came in 3rd place at last night’s Channel 101 screening!  

That means a brand new episode (Bananaman’s Kombucha Stand) will compete in next month’s screening.


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